Hello from the Sheridan Guild!  We miss you!


With everything going on in the world, we don’t want to lose track of what is important.


For more than 100 years, Seattle Children's Hospital has been dedicated to providing top-quality care to every child in our region, regardless of the family’s ability to pay.   


The Sheridan Guild has been committed to making a difference in families’ lives and has been raising funds since 1947.  Our small guild has contributed over $250,000, that’s a lot of money! 


We are in unprecedented times with the COVID emergency.  Many are out of work, and nobody knows what is going to happen with the economy.   No family should forgo medical care for their child for fear of the bills. 


In 2019, Seattle Children’s Hospital provided $214,019,000 in uncompensated care.  


Last year Seattle Children’s Hospital volunteers logged over 120,000 hours of service.  With COVID-19, these crucial volunteers aren’t able to serve. 


Nurses and staff are the only ones there to fill the time when a parent or caregiver can’t be present.  The staff needs are grave as the hospital navigates the new challenges with the pandemic.  


We are asking you to help us help Children’s.  Our goal is $10,000, and we’re confident that together, we can make that happen.

Our guild has identified three important causes: Uncompensated Care, COVID Emergency Needs and Mental Health.


Join us in “Saying Yes to Children’s”

You can make a financial contribution here


Thank you, and we hope to see you soon.

The Sheridan Guild